The most passionate eCommerce experts of scandinavia

Taking niche markets to the next level, by creating unique customer experiences

Niche webshop selling chargers and mobile accesories for iPhone, iPad & iPod. Have had more than 50.000 orders from Scandinavian customers. is also the first webshop launched of NORTHERN eCommerce in 2013

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What was once the sister webshop to, selling chargers and accesories for Mac & Macbook, since 2017, has now partnered up with multiple affiliate partners and are guiding visitors upon choosing the best charger for their model of Mac/Macbook

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One of the newer eCommerce additions is

The webshop is selling tents and festival equipment in Denmark. With more than 2000 customers in the first season, it resulted in being totally sold out. 

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Informative affiliate site, guiding entrepeneurs in creating the legal documents for starting a compnany. Also contains a badge arrangement for websites, that want’s to show, that their website is owned and run by a Danish cooperation.

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Informative affiliate site, guiding visitors on choosing the right Powerbank. Has more than 10 different test, with a wordcount of over 27.000

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Informative affiliate site, guiding visitors on finding the best charger for their device. The site includes in depth tests of all the top devices, such as smartphones, tablets and pc’s.

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A site for every passionate festival visitor, with the latets news about festivals, music, outdoor equipment & gear. The site also contains in depth guides for the first time visitor, such as packaging lists, equipment lists and many other.

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The third and newest addition to the family of NORTHERN eCommerce webshops.
Bedstepowerbank is a niche concept, only carrying the best powerbanks from the top tier brands. Also includes our own brand of Power stones, DANISH Power

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As eCommerce distributors, we decided to launch out own packaging sender for other eCommerce ventures. Through sharing the volume of packages on the same shipping agreements, with our own stores and clients, we can offer competetive prices & endelss shipping expertise

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Price comparison service for shampoo and related products. Compares both shampoos by type, but also among more than 100 different brands. Prices are updated in realtime.

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Magasin med artikler om sundhed, skabt i samarbejde med eksperter inden for forskellige sundhedsrelaterede fagområder.

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The eCommerce experts, founding NORTHERN eCommerce

Rasmus Kampmann

Co-founder & CEO

Passionate eCommerce expert, co-founding NORTHERN eCommerce. An expert in creating high converstion rates, through flawless checkout flows. Perfectionist at creating high demanding traffic through search engine optimization.

Content & Copywriting

Anders Eisenhardt

Co-founder & COO

Passionate eCommerce expert, co-founding NORTHERN eCommerce. Datadriven, software-programmer with focus on company logistics. Has multiple years of trading experience with asian markets. 

Alexander Møller

Senior Search Specialist

An expert of search & behavior in a digital environment. Believes in utilizing content creation & storytelling to boost site rankings and communicates in data to please the advanced search algorithsm


A few things we’re great at

Creating landingpages with extreme conversion rates

By creating trustworthy, informative and unique landingpages for niche-stores, we power sites with almost unseen conversion rates

Creating traffic

Through search enginge optimization, we create thousands of new visitors to our sites each month.

Day-to-day shipping on all stores

We partnered with one of the most experienced shipping companies in Denmark, having a 97% rate of 24 hour shipments of all orders

Developing no-name products suited for the scandivian market

We have sold over 50.000 of our own products, bought by returning customers over and over again.

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